oh, grading

so this amused me greatly.

i don’t think i ever drew such things during finals, but i do remember that there is nothing quite like the giddy, silly feeling that comes over you as you pass through finals week (or two weeks, whatever), surviving purely on caffeine, adrenaline, desperation, and stress. i have found old term papers that i finished at 4 am, littered with obscure monty python references and silly asides in the footnotes. i always hoped that my graders/TAs/professors found these little bits of insanity (inanity?) amusing.

and then the time came when i myself was a grad student, and hell yes, i was amused when my students did the same things. grading is, without a doubt, the worst part of teaching, especially when you have like 100 finals and 2 days to grade. you get a rhythm down eventually – you know what you’re looking for, you know what your students are capable of and what they’re likely to say – and it all becomes a blur. you find yourself in that same giddy, silly mindset that taking finals used to induce in you. so anything that catches you off guard, that makes you laugh – hell, that’s gold.

i’m realizing that this post has pretty much nothing to do with anything on this blog, but what the hell. it’s 5pm and i’m going home.

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