torches and pitchforks, anyone?

on the heels of last week’s news that our beloved mayor, Ron Dellums, is seeking a raise, comes this gem of a news report:

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums on Tuesday proposed laying off 140 police officers, cutting hundreds of other city jobs and shuttering offices for nearly a month in an effort to balance a budget deficit that could eclipse $100 million.

I realize he’s almost never here, so maybe he hasn’t realized that he’s mayor of Oakland, a city that–though I love it dearly and think it has a lot of good aspects–ranks in the top 5 on the FBI’s annual urban crime statistics. I’m pretty sure the last thing we need are fewer cops.

other highlights of the plan include:

— Eliminate 140 police officers and 249 other municipal positions.

— Mandate 26 furlough days.

— Close some city parks.

— Rotate closures of libraries.

— Postpone repayment of $24 million in debt.

— Reduce civilian employee salaries by 5 percent.

yes, you read that right. reduce the salaries of civilian employees, while at the same time calling for a raise for himself. way to lead by example, asshole.

screw the recall; can’t we just fire him and eliminate the position altogether? far as I can tell, the only difference between Oakland-now and Oakland-without-a-mayor would be that we’d be saving ourselves the expense of his salary.




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