my mind, it is boggled

i’m creating that damn tag now, thank you very much. why, you might ask. what finally sent me over the edge? this:

Next week [Oakland mayor Ron] Dellums is supposed to present a balanced budget, one that includes epic job cuts to close an $83 million shortfall.

Every single city department will face cuts, not to mention furloughs. Yet Dellums is demanding a substantial pay raise and, along with City Councilwoman Desley Brooks, flatly refusing to take a voluntary 5 percent pay reduction to help defray the city’s whopping budget deficit.

seriously? seriously?????? in the time he’s been in office, Dellums has been largely absent. he’s presided over scandals (last summer’s set-to over the city manager), a sanitation worker strike that dragged on throughout the previous summer (my window is right about my building’s trash area, and let me tell you, that is not something you want to let drag on in july), and various other crises. and he hasn’t done much to speed them to hasty resolutions, either. half the time he’s not even in town. earlier this year, when four Oakland police officers were killed in the line of duty, the families requested that the mayor not speak. that’s how little respect he’s got among city employees and the rank and file. 

and in a time of great economic problems, a time when budget cuts mean oakland’s already-stressed public institutions are going to be further called upon to do more with less, he’s not only refusing to take a pay cut, he’s demanding a raise? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? the fuck has he done to deserve a raise? 

people complain that the world of David Simon’s masterpiece, The Wire, is too bleak. from where i’m standing, here in oakland, it’s looking like Simon was an optimist.

oh yeah, i should totally find some links for those claims up there, but i am too pissed off. search the archives at SFGate if you want more details.

  1. Pannyx said:

    I am torn. On the one hand Oakland, and the rest of California, is in dire financial straits an usually I can’t stand the idea of a recall election, but on the other hand we have a completely incompetent and egomaniacal mayor who ,when addressing a town hall-style meeting in 2007, declared, “I’m giving it everything that I have. If that’s not enough, that’s cool. Recall me and let me get on with my private life.” Ok, let’s do it then.

  2. i totally agree. i thought the 2003 recall was ludicrous, and i certainly wouldn’t want to divert state or city funds to a recall of dellums at this dire point. but at the same time, dude is completely failing on all levels. we’d be better off with no mayor at all. at this point, oakland is truly between a rock and a hard place: spend money we don’t have to get a better leader, or just put up with out current non-leader for the next 18 months. it’s utter bullshit.

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