My Chemical Kitty

If you are reading this site then it is assumed you know we are basically all just vibrations and chemical reactions. Really fascinating stuff here: not only are we identifying the chemical reactions that govern human/human relationships, we’re also learning that these same chemicals are related to the bonds between humans and animals. So when I pet the Dude, it isn’t just my imagination/psyche/placebo-zone/whatever that dictatesI feel calm and happy — there’s real science behind it.

Why pets give us warm and fuzzy feelings – opinion – 17 March 2009 – New Scientist.

(to be updated w/ picture of my own cat if I can find my damn camera … in the meantime here’s one that’s a spitting image)


The Dude looks a lot like this


(h/t Thom Hartmann as I first heard about this on his show)


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