Stupid Policy, Stupid Marketing

Got a flier in the mail today from Western Dental that basically says: “Medi-cal is ending dental benefits! Come in now while you still can!”  I have a possible cavity that I’ve been putting off getting looked at so obviously this concerns me.  After making a couple calls it turns out that the situation is a little more nebulous.  The funding for Denti-Cal is zeroed out in this year’s budget so yes, that most likely means the program is going away or changing, but there’s still the possibility that they figure out some way to fund it and in the meantime the deadline has already been pushed back at least a month from what this postcard is telling me.

They aren’t going to stop paying for emergency room visits, pain pills, etc, so I don’t know what the thought is here:  “Hey they’re so broke that they qualify for Medi-Cal, but I’m sure they’ll dig into their pockets to fix their cavities on their own dime rather than dinging the state for some vicodin.” ?? The stupidity of this as a policy decision aside, it’s also pretty asinine of Western Dental to run off a big freakout-inducing batch of postcards and go telling people this shit’s going to absolutely be happening and the date is set so you better come get our shitty dental service rightnowbeforeitstoolate.

Fuck ’em both.

  1. man, i hate western dental. they were the first dentist i chose on my own (solely because they were close to my office at the time) and it was the worst dental experience i’ve ever had. seriously, i used to be all “well i don’t like the dentist but it’s a necessary evil” and now i won’t go unless there’s a real urgent need for it, i was scarred that badly by my WD experience.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    Yeah I had a cavity filled by them awhile back. I’m not a good judge of dental work but it just feels funky, like they mashed a giant piece of that silver amalgam crap in there rather than using the amount necessary. When they first got finished it started falling out so I had to sit back down and have em put more on. Maybe that’s why.

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