the other pirates in the news

so it looks like a swedish court convicted the owners of the pirate bay of copyright theft.

i feel like i should have some sort of weighty, well-thought out post for this topic. after all, i have been known to engage in file-sharing myself. and on the other hand, my job requires me to chase down internet piracy and demand our copyrighted works be removed from various sites (per the rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). 

the thing is, though – and maybe this is because of my weird position of being in both camps simultaneously – that i can’t really ever come up with a good synthesis of my feelings on this position. i see the merit in both arguments. certainly i like getting things for free – but i also will pay for things if i want them badly enough. personally, i much prefer owning dvds over pirated movies, for a lot of reasons. and i agree that hollywood profits seem to be going up, not down. but i also understand that artists and writers and musicians put a lot of effort and time into their work and they should be compensated for that. 

so, basically, i don’t know the answer to this problem. i can’t even sort it out in my own head. but this ruling is interesting, and it’ll be even more interesting to see how it develops – how the appeal goes, whether this sets a precedent for file sharing sites around the world, etc.


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