I Won’t Link To You

Another metaish bullshit post on the snittiness of blogging that doesn’t bother to include links – and yes I realize that this blog is about as meaningless as it gets, in case you were wondering and/or thinking about using that as ammo. (btw I largely hope it stays that way, and yes I also realize that I don’t use the – thingie properly. blow me. hackery is chic these days is it not?)

Anyway. Have you ever seen some blogger (Blogger A perhaps?) write a post that bases itself on some other – anonymous – blogger’s post (Blogger B), wherein Blogger A quotes or paraphrases Blogger B at length — usually even offering a rebuttal — and yet refuses to link to Blogger B or, in advanced cases, acknowledge him/her by name? “I don’t want to drive traffic” or etc. seems to be the argument .. ok, then why are you acting in a way that encourages people to google your blockquotes? This isn’t sherlock holmes shit, if you got it off google so can I — and it’s fucking childish so try and deprive someone else of linkage  while you’re squeezing a dime out of their material.


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