Butchering Causality

Holy shit, stop lying about EFCA already.   It doesn’t “kill the secret ballot.” It doesn’t turn us into North Korea. It does alter the NLRB process so that the decision on whether a secret ballot will be required to form a union is up to the employees rather than the employer – and there are certainly problems inherent in that approach as well (the union holds the cards, etc) but it ought to say something that nobody is arguing against EFCA on these merits rather than some bogeyman about killing the secret ballot.

The usually-solid St. Petersburg Times Politifact site gets in on the act as well, finding it somehow appropriate to declare that Arlen Specter’s claim that EFCA “mandes the elimination of the secret ballot” is “Mostly True” despite pointing out in their piece that it actually like, you know, isn’t.

Seems to me there’s something wrong with the sense of cause-and-effect at play here. EFCA doesn’t mandate that secret ballots be eliminated, it mandates that the choice be given to the employees instead. If I run a lemonade stand that starts selling OJ — and the OJ is popular to the extent that the lemonade stops selling — then that’s one thing, but don’t tell me I’ve taken away someone’s right to order lemonade. If EFCA passes and secret ballots go away that’s because workers have chosen they’d rather go the direct route — y’know, sorta like the title of the goddamn bill implies — and you know we can’t be having any of that shit.  (emphasis added)

Under a card check … a company’s employees can become unionized … if just 50% + 1 of the employees in an appropriate unit sign union pledge cards. … [A] full 49% of employees may never even have the chance to weigh in on the issue.

Yes, surely society will crumble if we start certifying unions based on the same criteria we use to elect presidents. It’s worth pointing out that the whole secret ballot angle is just a BS diversion from the main point anyway. If passing a bill that lets workers choose to bypass the secret ballot would “effectively eliminate” then what’s so great about it in the first place? I guess Washington Knows Best. Again.

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