you wanted to know if *mad men* was exaggerating?


i would say that’s a no. if you follow the image to the sociology blog i acquired it from, you can read a little more about this book – which is apparently not a joke but a legitimate children’s book from the early 70s.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    It really is amazing how far we’ve come and how fast we’ve done it. Too bad we’re so stubborn about letting go of our sexism, etc fully.

    Well, at least there’s some question about how serious it was. (not sure if this was there when you looked @ the post) Not that it really matters, what w/ people still being unsure what the intent of the thing was. (I wonder how girls survived if they weren’t able to eat? Maybe the act of cooking provided them nourishment)

    “UPDATE: Commenter Jennifer says Whitney Darrow was a humorist, and that this book was intended as a satire of gender roles:
    Whitney Darrow was a cartoonist. The images are not propaganda. They are not indoctrination.
    She’s right–he drew cartoons for the New Yorker, among others. According to Jennifer, the book would have been widely recognized as satire at the time. But other commenters remember the book from the 1970s and didn’t see it as satire. And Time magazine featured it as an outdated book still available on California school library shelves in 1999, when it was apparently removed during an effort to update libraries. I found several discussions of it in books published in the 1980s and 1990s and none of them noticed it was satire either (which could just be a weakness in their analyses, of course).”

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