it would be ridiculous if it was anyone besides cheney

because i can believe just about anything about that dude. hardcore evil. and according to my wyoming-born grandmother, he’s always been that way.

this is especially true when i read something like this:

The idea that Cheney would seed the government with trusted contacts is not surprising. As Hersh noted in his talk with Gross, Cheney has “been around forever” and “understands bureaucracy much better” than almost anyone in government. In 2006, Robert Dreyfuss reported for The American Prospect that when Cheney helped staff the Bush administration in 2001, he put together a “corps of hard-line acolytes” that served “as his eyes and ears” in the federal bureaucracy. Former officials called them “Dick Cheney’s spies.”

for me, the first thing that comes to mind is hard-line stalinism: the manipulation of bureaucracy, the spies, all of it. cheney would have made a great totalitarian leader. i’m sure he’d put on some really great show trials before purging anyone who might pose a slight threat, exiling them to siberia or executing them outright. he’d probably even be capable of convincing children to report their parents for any comments or behavior that went against the party line.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Ew. I remember reading about the “burrowing” awhile back but I hadn’t heard anyone bring up the sabotage angle. I should’ve put 2+2 together… not like there’s a history here of staffing the government with sycophants or anything.

    I do wonder at the kind of horrible shit that must’ve really went on behind the scenes in the Bush admin. We know that Obama isn’t willing to release all the dirt, so if the stuff they’ve already put out re: suspending constitutional protections and etc. is what they think we can handle (or what doesn’t implicate Democrats, or etc) then… etc etc. Goddamn.

    Also this comes up as a “possibly related post” while I’m typing this comment:

    lol astrology

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