Gibbs Pisses Off Press Corps

Honeymoon Over: A Tardy Gibbs Enrages White House Press Corps.

Robert Gibbs was a couple minutes late to the daily White House press briefing, and the whiny kids who make up the press corps were furious. And they were getting along so well!

Gibbs was 20 minutes late because he was, you know, talking to the president, but that is no excuse! Someone—Tapper?—opened things by sounding typically annoying and entitled: he doesn’t want “a big showdown” but “it irritates everybody here,” when Gibbs is late. Did you know one reporter was forced to skip lunch? It’s true and also GROW UP.

Stop looking at me like that: I don’t read Gawker, it came up as a headline when I opened Newsgator. You gotta believe me…

The pomposity of this press corps is amazing. You still have a nice job? Still get paid extravagantly to suck at it? Then shaddap. I hate to beat a dead liberal horse, but there’s a bigger “showdown” over Gibbs being tardy than there was over Iraq.

And btw I’m loving Gibbs. Obviously he’s a professional liar just like all press secretaries but he’s a hell of a funny one and he’s great with the zingers.


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