I Write Letters

This seemed like a blatant hackjob to me (see 538) but I figured I’d see what the dude had to say for himself.

Mr. Dwinell,

A few brief questions.

Are you aware that the Zogby Interactive poll you’re referring to is an internet poll that does not use random sampling?

-If so, why don’t you feel this is worth mentioning?

-If not, might I suggest you look into the details of this poll before running with it?

Regardless of the answer to the first question, why don’t you feel it relevant to note that this poll is an outlier? “Some” polls may indeed show the president at 65% which technically makes your statement true, but wouldn’t it have been much more accurate to state that other than Zogby, all polls show Obama hovering around 60%?

“Red meat” indeed, sir, and you certainly appear to have pounced.


No response. Is it bad form to post one’s correspondence like this? If so, not as bad as positioning yourself as an unaccountable hack, I reckon.


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